2016 Piano Humor Composition Call


These piano pieces were selected from an open call for scores in 2016. They were all performed by Samuel Stokes. If a composer's name is underlined, click on it to visit their website!

1. Praeludium I by J.S. Bach, alternative take in e-flat minor by Anton Svetlichny

As the title implies, this is Bach's first Prelude played in e-flat minor! However, you might not know it by listening. This is a bit of orthographic humor that you have to see to understand. Click here to see the score.

2. A Little Beethoven, Anyone? by Joyce-Walter

This is a humorous blending of different themes by Beethoven.

3. Krakowiak by Jakub Neske

The bright dance gestures and the clashing harmonic Major 2nds come together to create a fun character piece.

4. The Little Clown by Kanakis Haris

The bouncy rhythms and harmonic minor 2nds come together to make a rollicking circus-themed piece.

5. Howling at the Moon Waltz by Walter Rimler

This main motive of this piece is a mimetic gesture, since it literally resembles a wolf howling. The way in which the clashing appoggiaturas resolve in a standard waltz rhythm make for a charming piece.

6. Cooking Disaster by Frank Sartain

This piece, which is to be played with oven mitts, and includes foot stomping and shouting, is quite reminiscent of many of my own cooking disasters!

7. 24 Preludios sin fuga: XX by Mateo Soto

This piece is a charming blend of several different musical themes. See if you can identify them all!

8. Charley's Rag by David Cortello

This is a fun off-kilter raggy piece. The striking harmonies are enough to keep you guessing, and yet they work together so smoothly in the overall form.

9. Vagabondages: Paris by Louis Sauter

A humorous blending of the English and French national anthems, inspired by Le collège franco-britannique.

10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Louis Johnson

A setting of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," which takes the source material VERY seriously.

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